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Penalties for drug possession, possession for sale, and transportation vary widely depending on the type, quantity, and purity of the drug, as well as the possessor’s intended purpose. Under California Health and Safety Code section 11350 and 11377, first offenses for possession can carry up to 3 years in State Prison. However, the right defense attorney can get his client accepted into an educational diversion program and get the charges eventually dismissed. Our San Diego Drug Crime Lawyer can do the same for you.

For anyone charged with possessing illegal drugs with intent to sell or distribute, first offenses can result in imprisonment in state prison for up to 4 years. However, proving intent to distribute is often a difficult task for prosecutors. While some amounts of drugs are statutorily recognized as “distribution quantity,” such as 28.5 grams of marijuana, possession of a far lower quantity may still trigger a distribution charge. In these cases, it is highly recommended to have a skilled drug-offense defense attorney review the facts of the case and the police report to attack the prosecution’s claim that there was indeed intent to distribute the drugs rather than simply use them.
Prescription Drug Offenses

In recent years, law enforcement has increased its focus on prescription drug use and abuse with the increasing popularity of recreational use of medications such as Xanax, Oxycontin, Vicodin, Adderall and Ritalin. Although most people consider the possession, sale and use of these drugs to be more innocent than traditional illegal drugs, like cocaine and heroin, the criminal penalties are quite similar. Under Penal Code 1170(h), first-offenses can result in imprisonment in county jail for up to three years.

Contact drug crimes defense attorney, Ashby Sorensen to work together towards defense of Drug Possession and other drug related charges. Some of the drugs you may be charged with, include:

Ecstasy: MDMA. Ecstasy is a partial derivative of amphetamine
Cocaine: Cocaine is referred to as Crack when solidified.
Hallucinogens: Mushrooms, LSD or peyote.
Amphetamines: Amphetamines and methamphetamines.